Has 'the death cure' been cancelled? the death cure (the maze runner #3)


A good book should leave you... Slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it.

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William Styron, interview, Writers at Work, 1958


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homas followed the doctors, but his mind was racing. He didn’t know what to lớn do. There was no way to communicate with the Right Arm, và he’d lost his ability to speak inside Teresa’s—or Aris’s—mind.
They turned a couple of corners, và the zigzagging made Thomas think of the Maze. He almost wished he were back there—things were so much simpler then.
“There’s a room right up here on the left,” Janson explained. “I already put a typing pad in there if you’d lượt thích to leave any messages for your friends. I’ll figure out a way lớn deliver them.”
Their politeness annoyed Thomas. He remembered stories of killers being put lớn death in the old days.
“I want steak,” he said, stopping to lớn look at her. “And shrimp. And lobster. And pancakes. & a candy bar.”
Thomas sat in a soft chair, staring at the typing pad on the small table in front of him. He had no intention of writing a cảnh báo to anyone, but he didn’t know what else to lớn do. The situation had proven khổng lồ be way more complicated than he could’ve imagined. He didn’t know what he’d expected, but the notion that they’d dissect him alive had never crossed his mind. He’d figured whatever they did, he could just play along until the Right Arm showed up.
He finally typed goodbye messages khổng lồ Minho and Brenda just in case he ended up dead; then he rested his head in his arms until the food arrived. He ate slowly, then rested again. He could only hope his friends showed up in time. Either way, he certainly wouldn’t leave this room until he absolutely had to.
“But …,” Thomas began, but before he could pull his thoughts together, the door opened & Janson stepped inside.
Thomas didn’t know what khổng lồ do. He was surprised that they’d been so calm with him so far. He realized he’d pushed it to lớn the limit và he’d run out of time. He took a deep breath.

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Janson led Thomas to a prep room with a wheeled bed surrounded by all kinds of monitors and several nurses. Dr. Christensen was there, dressed from head to lớn toe in scrubs, a surgical mask already in place on his face. Thomas could only see his eyes, but he looked eager to get started.
“So that’s it?” Thomas asked. A surge of panic raced through his gut, and it felt as if something were trying to lớn chew through his chest. “Time to cut me open?”
The Death Cure (The Maze Runner #3)James Dashner
The Death Cure (The Maze Runner #3) - James Dashnerhttps://isach.info/story.php?story=the_death_cure_the_maze_runner_3__james_dashner

According khổng lồ the Director’s Guild of Canada, The Maze Runner: The Death Cure has “wrapped production” in British Columbia.

The production, which first launched on March 14, is now listed as “(**WRAPPED** OFFICE open UNTIL MAY 20)” on the DGC’s website. The organization keeps a full list, updated weekly, of all television, movie & web projects currently filming in the province.

This comes after 20th Century Fox announced last week that the movie would be “further delayed” due to lớn injuries Dylan O’Brien suffered during a stunt on phối on March 17th. The fact that the DGC says the production office plans lớn shut down completely on May 20th suggests this “delay” will be longer than just a few months.

Director Wes Ball on the set of The Maze Runner

Wrapped, in television and movie parlance, means “to conclude filming” và that has fans questioning if the third movie in the Maze Runner series will ever get made. Answering a fan’s claim that Fox’s statement that the film was “delayed” actually meant the film is “cancelled,” Director Wes Ball tweeted – “No. Delayed, is not the same as canceled. Far from it.”

Even knowing the current production is wrapped, Ball’s statement is accurate. The movie remains on Fox’s slate of upcoming features and will likely be made at some point but this current production, the one slated for filming this spring và summer, is apparently over.

Coming up with a new production schedule in the near future won’t be easy. A movie this big is lượt thích an ocean liner; it takes a lot of time, effort and planning lớn turn the ship around and alter course. It’s not as simple as just picking a new date & blocking out the time mainly because The Death Cure isn’t the only production impacted by the schedule change. For example, Actors Dylan O’Brien and Ki Hong Lee have ongoing commitments to lớn television shows (Teen Wolf, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and a new schedule means another round of negotiations between studio and networks khổng lồ make sure the actors will be available to bởi the movie as well as their ongoing shows.

Consider the dozens of other actors and crew who also have their next jobs lined up based on the old Death Cure schedule & you begin lớn see the difficulty Ball và the producers face in rescheduling. They’ll basically have to start the process all over again with pre-production, scheduling crew, scouting/securing locations and scheduling actors for a whole new production at some future date. So far the studio hasn’t commented publicly on how far in the future that might be.